Laugh at me, I’m Socially Awkward

Do you ever find yourself in situations where everyone around you starts laughing and you have no idea why? Or have you been looked at funny more than a couple times when you do something you think is totally normal. That is definitely me, I even laugh at myself most of the time.

Okay so coming to the conclusion that I am in fact socially awkward was a rather lengthy process. It definitely takes more than a few lovely people continually pointing it out to make you realise.

The following things prove some degree of my lacking social skills, can you relate to any?

  • You might be physically incapable of starting a conversation with new people.
  • Being in an environment with a lot of other fellow humans tends to stress you out.
  • Occasionally you think you are saying the smartest/funniest thing ever and when you actually say it you realise how stupid you sound.
  • You might think you are using trendy words everyone uses but in fact you have been deceiving yourself and people have no idea what you are saying.
  • The presence of an even slightly cute member of the opposite sex reduces you to an embarrassing mess, speech may in fact become impossible.
  • You always manage to say the most inappropriate things without much thought.
  • You think catching the bus can be defined as a social activity(there is so many people).
  • You avoid social outings…particularly parties and nightclubs.
  • Social etiquette is like foreign language you don’t have time for, if you have any understanding of the concept it’s probably because you have been reading historic literary texts…Which is great if you lived in the 18th century

I really could just go on forever.



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2 responses to “Laugh at me, I’m Socially Awkward

  1. I definitely resonate with what you say. Awkward people unite!

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